Mrs. Williamson – Computer Tech (Library)

Full Name: Sher Williamson

Birthday (Month/Date): September 11th

Favorite Restaurant: Lazy Dog or Crazy Rockin’ Sushi

Favorite Snacks & Treats: nuts, gummies, dark chocolate & caramel

Favorite Scents (lotion/candle etc.): citrus, cinnamon, mint (no florals)

Favorite Drink/Coffee/Tea: brown sugar milk tea w/boba, fruit iced tea, salted caramel cold brew

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Flower/Plant: succulents, hydrangea, tulips

Favorite Way to Pamper Myself: read at the beach or manio/pedi

Favorite free time activity/hobby: reading, movies, walks/hikes, time with family

Favorite stores: Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx

Favorite Sport Team: Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Charity: KM Legacy Foundation or PADRE at CHOC

Classroom Supply Wish: Water dispenser in the Media Center


Pedro Becerra – Computer Tech (Library)


Nina O’Connor – Instructional Assistant G1


Ms. Rocha – Instructional Assistant G2

Full Name: Joana Rocha

Birthday (Month/Date): May 29th

Favorite Restaurant: Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana & Mr. BBQ

Favorite Snacks & Treats: Sour Berry Gummy Worms & Extra Hot Hot Cheetos

Favorite Scents (lotion/candle etc.): Earthy scents (wood, floral, citrus/bergamot)

Favorite Drink/Coffee/Tea:Camomile/Lemon Tea, Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Jarritos

Favorite Color: Green & Black

Favorite Flower/Plant: Sunflowers & Succulents

Favorite Way to Pamper Myself: Face Masks & Movies

Favorite free time activity/hobby: Music, Hiking, Traveling, & Reading

Favorite stores: Target, Walmart, & Hot Topic

Favorite Sport Team: Lakers, Angels

Favorite Charity: Border Angels & Corazon de Vida


Mrs. Tamara – Instructional Assistant G3

Full Name:Tamara Lou 

Birthday (Month/Date): December 29th

Favorite Restaurant: i20 Ramen, any sushi or Hawaiian restaurant

Favorite Snacks & Treats: Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus, Organic fruit, Yogurt covered raisins, Smart organic popcorn

Favorite Scents (lotion/candle etc.): No scents (allergies)

Favorite Drink/Coffee/Tea: Iced green tea; unsweetened iced tea

Favorite Color: Green and Rainbow

Favorite Flower/Plant: Bamboo, any flowering plant, all flowers

Favorite Way to Pamper Myself: Take an afternoon nap; read outdoors

Favorite free time activity/hobby: Hike and camp with my husband and dog; snowboard, ice skate, stand up paddle board, play board & card games with family

Favorite stores: Target, Amazon

Favorite Sport Team: Raiders, Dodgers

Favorite Charity: Inland Valley Humane Society


Mrs. Krishnan – Instructional Assistant G4

Full Name: Saradha Krishnan

Birthday (Month/Date): October 27th

Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle

Favorite Snacks & Treats: Fresh fruits/nuts (Vegetarian snacks)

Favorite Scents (lotion/candle etc.): Lavender

Favorite Drink/Coffee/Tea: Mint Milk Tea Boba (No ICE)

Favorite Color: I like all colors

Favorite Flower/Plant: Lavendar, Roses, Indoor plants, Orchids

Favorite Way to Pamper Myself: Massage

Favorite free time activity/hobby: Go for a walk

Favorite stores: Target, Amazon

Favorite Charity: OC United