Read Across America

2021 Read Across America:

Thank you to our AMAZING readers this year. We wish you and your family many hours of enjoyable reading 🙂


Monday’s Featured Videos

The Book with No Pictures – read by Principal Benaraw

The Bad Seed – read by Fisler Staff


Tuesday’s Featured Videos

The Day the Crayons Quit – read by the Fisler PTSA Board

The Day the Crayons Came Home – read by the Fisler Foundation Board


Wednesday’s Featured Videos

I Am Peace – read by Mystery Reader

What About Worms – read by Andy F.


Thursday’s Featured Videos

Those Shoes – read by Mrs. Mahar (lower grades)

Quarantine Diary Entries – read by Booki Vivat (upper grades)


Friday‘s Featured Video

Say Something! – read by Fisler Staff


Books recommended for Kindergarten and older:

Green Eggs and Ham – read by Principal Benaraw

The Day the Crayons Quit – read by Ms. Houlebek and Margaret (C1)

Kat Kong – read by Mrs. Hancock

Oh, the Places You’ll Go – read by Jonathan’s mom (N4)

The Tooth Book – read by Andrew’s mom (G4)

The Thank You Book – read by Isla and dad (G4)

The Magical Yet – read by Ellysha and mom (G4)

The Day the Crayons Quit – read by Tyler’s mom (N2)

The World Needs More Purple People – read by Conner’s mom (N7)

The World Needs More Purple People – read by Lucas’s mom (C3)

A Porcupine Named Fluffy – read by Samantha’s mom (G3)

You Hold Me Up  – read by Nicole (Leadership)

Inky The Octopus – read by Ava (Leadership)

Hand’s Up – read by William (Leadership)

What If? – read by Hannah (Leadership)

Niko Draws a Feeling – read by Irene (Leadership)

I Lost Something – read by Jaden (Leadership)

Soaked! – read by Jennifer (Leadership)

Hole Mole – read by Kastuv (Leadership)

You Matter – read by Mee Rae (Leadership)

Soaked! – read by Natalie (Leadership)

A Girl Like Me – read by Sienna (Leadership)

A Spy Called James – read by Francis (Leadership)

Ada Twist, Scientist – read by Christine (Leadership)

All The Way To The Top – read by Ysabel (Leadership)

Pete the Cat’s Got Class – read by Nirvaan (N2)

Pete’s Big Lunch – read by Tyler (N3)

The Giving Tree – read by Minji (N6)

Pigs Make Me Sneeze – read by Ellie’s dad (G3)

The Cool Bean – read by Aaron’s mom (N6)


Books recommended for 1st Grade and older:

You Can Read – read by Felipe (Leadership)

The Ninjabread Man – read by Leen (Leadership)

A Scarf For Keiko – read by Parker (Leadership)

The President of the Jungle – read by Victoria (Leadership)


Books recommended for 2nd Grade and older:

I Am Every Good Thing – read by Jayden (Leadership)

Rosie Revere Engineer – read by Oliver (Leadership)


Books recommended for 3rd Grade and older:

Hooray For You – read by Kevin (Leadership)

The Vast Wonder of the World – read by Kyle (Leadership)


Books recommended for 4th Grade and older:

Pax – read by Derek and Anthea’s mom (C2 and N6)

Sacagawea – read by Kaylen (Leadership)

Separate is Never Equal – read by Jaden (Leadership)

Almost to Freedom – read by Elina (Leadership)

Like a Bird – read by Nicole (Leadership)

Strange Fruit – read by Sienna (Leadership)

Bad News for Outlaws – read by Christine (Leadership)

Red Bird Sings – read by Ava (Leadership)

Let ‘Er Buck! – read by Jennifer (Leadership)